Human resource concept

Can adhere to the fair, just, open, competitive and post matching principle of choose and employ persons, with industry and the company future development, and appealing with development platform to cultivate people, with vision, goals, motivate people, with an open, inclusive, collaborative enterprise atmosphere retain people, encourage talents innovation, on a broader stage. Human resources goals

Adhere to the "people-centered" around the enterprise development, attract, develop and retain high level talented person, with the company's industry is closely related to the building structure optimization and reasonable allocation of the elite team; Effective macroscopic and microscopic human resources development and management ability, form the human nature and efficient management of all levels staff; Constantly perfect the innovation system of salary, benefits, and the enterprise brand, scale, the rational flow of protection for stable backbone staff provide a solid protection; Good employer image shaping machinery industry, building a "learning organization" staff growth mechanism, effectively promote the staff with enterprise common development.

Human resources mechanism

To talent as the most important wealth and motive force of the enterprise long-term development, through the establishment of echelon the selection of the talent training mechanism, fair and scientific performance evaluation mechanism, classify the system training mechanism, reasonable benefits allocation mechanism, build enterprise and employee long-term win-win benefit community, realizes the enterprise and staff grow up together